Django Released on Blu-ray

Blue Underground has recently released Sergio Corbucci's Django on Blu-ray and this classic spaghetti Western has never looked better. I enjoyed re-watching this film and discovering tons of small details that I had never seen before plus the added bonus of hearing Franco Nero's un-dubbed voice. Nero was in his early twenties during the film and you can see the tiny make-up lines they added around his eyes to give him the look of a weather-worn gunslinger.

Cat O' Nine Tails (Il Gatto a nove code)

US lobby card #1US lobby card #1

As The Cat o' Nine Tails(1971) opens we see Franco and his young ingenue, Lori, walking down the street. The two overhear a conversation between two men in a car and Franco is intrigued. Oscar-winner Karl Malden (wow, you don't say giallo and Oscar together very often) portrays Franco, a blind ex-newspaperman now obsessed with crossword puzzles. "I like solving puzzles," he later says, explaining his interest in mysteries. When a nearby genetics lab is broken into but nothing stolen, Franco's interest is piqued and he approaches reporter Carlo Giordani to aid in solving the crime.

Dario Argento at Monster Mania

This last weekend at Monster Mania, I was lucky enough to met Dario Argento and get some posters signed. He was incredibly friendly and was well worth a little waiting in line. Pictures of the items he signed are after the jump.

Barbara Steele

Barbara SteeleBarbara Steele
This year at Texas Frightmare Weekend one of the guests was Barbara Steele, the iconic lead actress in Mario Bava's Black Sunday. She was extremely nice and personable. We chatted for a bit and she signed an original Black Sunday lobby card I brought, as well as a this other picture that I purchased.

Profondo Rosso Screening

Deep Red photobustaDeep Red photobusta October 29th at the Angelika Film Center in Dallas, TX, Dallas Cinemania is showing "Deep Red"!!! 35mm print!!

This is an incredible opportunity to watch an Argento giallo on the big screen so don't miss it.

Another Edwige Reference

Just got back from seeing Inglorious Basterds and was very excited to see an Edwige reference.
Inglorious Bastards Mexican posterInglorious Bastards Mexican poster
One of the actors (don't want to spoil it but he was such an odd choice!!!) was named "Ed Fenech". Looks like Tarantino is an Edwige fan (or just a male) but it's great to see some appreciation.

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